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product introduction
You’ve come up with a new product idea or invention that you think is a million dollar idea. You’ve probably solicited feedback from friends & family, neighbors, and co-workers. But have you talked to any potential customers – someone who is unrelated to you that can give their honest, unbiased feedback? Better yet, have you found someone who is ready to pull out their wallet or pocketbook and give you cash for your product?

We have a Product Introduction service that can provide that much-needed feedback from potential customers. In fact, we solicit the feedback from the buyers and purchasing managers at the outlets where your item would be sold. Wouldn’t you like to know that the stores where your item would be found are interested in carrying it? No other service offers this type of feedback.

Maybe you’ve designed, developed, and have already manufactured your item. We’ve found those steps are actually the easy part. The tough part is finding an outlet to sell it to their retail customers. Our service can act as your sales & marketing arm. You can cost-effectively reach hundreds of potential outlets and stores. If buyers are interested in your product, we can facilitate the best type of feedback – an order!

How it Works

Our Product Introduction service works with “developed” inventions and new products. We require a “looks like, acts like” working prototype or products already in production and ready for sale. Ideally, the packaging and merchandising options have been developed. This allows us to properly present your product idea to potential buyers and get a feel for their interest. We cannot work with concepts, drawings, or other conceptual visuals – we need a working prototype. If you do not have packaging or merchandising options, we can work with you to develop a mock-up and sample. Some sort of IP protection, either a patent/patent pending, trade secret, or copyright/trademark, must be in place since your idea will be disclosed to others.

We create a sales flyer and pitch your product to a specific buyer/purchasing manager at the outlets where you think it would sell. We can follow-up with each buyer to ask for their specific feedback and even request a sale. These buyers typically know what sells and doesn’t sell at their stores and can quickly provide interest in your item. It is valuable feedback straight from the source.

Currently, this service is available for products ideas or inventions related to the following markets (all contacts are wholesalers, distributors, or retail chains of 3 or more outlets):
  • Pet Supply – over 300 contacts
  • Drug/Grocery/Mass Merchant – over 300 contacts
  • Convenience Stores – over 400 contacts
  • Hotel/Motel/Cruise Lines – over 90 contacts
  • Dry Cleaners – over 50 contacts
  • Office Supplies – over 100 contacts
  • Outdoors – over 50 contacts
Don’t see your particular market listed? These are markets that we have experience in dealing with and have a large database of outlets & contacts. Contact us about your product or invention and the market it serves. We can see what we can do about gathering a list of contacts.


Our Basic Product Introduction service involves creating the sales flyer and mailing individual packages to buyers/purchasers at potential sales outlets that are listed in our database. Each package contains a letter addressed directly to the buyer and introduces your product. We can also send product samples, depending on availability and cost. Send to a specific region or certain type of outlet – you can control the budget. Cost for this service is per outlet mailed + cost of postage. Minimum cost is $750 for 50 outlets.

Our Advanced Product Introduction service provides the same product introduction services of our Basic package, but also includes telephone follow-ups to each contact. Cost for this service is per outlet mailed + cost of postage + number of contacts tried. Minimum cost is $1,500 for 50 outlets.

To order this service or request more information about our market research services for your particular product, please complete our Market Research form and fax, email or mail it to us.

Download our Market Research form and confidentiality agreement here (PDF).
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