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These are the products produced and marketed by Concept Products. Click on the picture of any item to view its detailed product and ordering information.
LintUps are handy lint remover "pats" that go with you! Forget bulky lint brushes & rollers. These peel-&-pat adhesive sheets quickly remove lint, hair, and other particles from your clothing. Handy item for your purse, pocket, or briefcase! Lint Ups
The LintUps product is available in several alternative brands, including PetPats and Hotel Amenity versions. Our LintUps "peel and pat" sticky sheets in different packaging. Same great product for lint, pet hair, and particle removal while on-the-go! Branded LintUps Packs
The StampKeep Stamp Dispenser is the simplest to use and least expensive postage stamp dispenser on the market. Insert a roll of stamps and tear off as needed. The clear plastic pack lets you see how many stamps are left. A necessity for every office. Postage Stamp Dispencer
Take pride in your facility's appearance with our professional Notice Holder. Attach the clear plastic holder to walls, doors, and even windows using our removable tape. Display information by dropping in a standard 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Notice Holder
Stretchers are rubber shoelaces that transform your lace-up shoes into slip-ons! Replace your regular shoelaces with these sturdy, rubber pieces and you'll never need to tie your shoes again! Stretchers Rubber Shoelaces
Our Snap-A-Cap Soda Can Topper keeps the fizz in and foreign objects out of your beer and soda cans. It snaps on tightly to the top of standard aluminum cans for quick & easy storage in the refrigerator and is dishwasher safe Snap-A-Cap
Support the United States with our "Proud to be an American" Products. We offer license plate protectors to enhance your vehicle's appearance and magnets for your car or refrigerator, and other products the show your American "Pride". License Protector
Our E-Z Luggage Tag is an easy-to-use and cost effective means to idenitfy your luggage, backpacks, and other bags. Made of vinyl that won't rip or tear, it comes with ID cards or insert your business card for quick identification. Luggage Tag
Our unique Combo Office Tool provides 3 useful home/office functions in one simple pocket accessory: letter opener, easy to use staple remover, and handy bubble level. Simple all-plastic piece is lightweight, compact, and inexpensive. Staple Remover and Letter Opener
The EasyUp Picture Hanger makes hanging pictures a snap! Just place the picture where you want it, stick the patented hanger to the wall to mark it, and secure it with a nail. Itís that easy! Picture Hanger
Donít tote around a bulky stuffed pillow when our compact inflatable Travel Pillow is ready to use in seconds and stores in its own convenient pouch. Use it on the plane, in the car, or at the movies. Inflatable Travel Pillow
The Handi-band is a patriotic rubber band that can be used to secure your checkbook, attach your handicap permit to the review mirror, or 100ís of other uses. Handi-band
Our plush Worry Bird is a calming reminder on your desk or dresser. A card hanging from the birdís neck reads ďDonít be sad, donít be blue, Ďcause Iím the bird whoíll worry for you!Ē Click a button on the birdís wing and it says ďBe happy! Iím you Worry Bird. I will worry for you.Ē Worry Bird
The Pig Pen is a new writing instrument with a cute character and name. While it writes like an ordinary pen, it never runs out of ďoink!Ē Pig Pen
The Catch-All is a long, narrow inflatable tube that is placed between the seat and middle console in your car. When in place it keeps your phone, keys, pens, or any other small object from falling down between the seat and console. Catch-All
The Flip-A-Cap allows you to seal a standard plastic water or soda bottle with just a flip of the cap. Insert the plastic cap into the mouth of a bottle and you have an instant flip top! Flip-A-Cap
No more slipping rugs! Use our Rug Grabber to keep rugs from bunching up, prevent falls, and keep rugs looking perfect. Rug Grabber
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